Energy Efficient Vinyl Window Replacement

Vertical Windows

Single and double-hung windows operate vertically, and are most-likely used in narrow openings. Single-hung were the norm for years, where the top portion is always fixed and the bottom is able to open, close, and tilt in to clean. Double-hung are a newer version of the vertical window, where both top and bottom sashes open, close, and tilt in to clean. [more]

Horizontal Slider Windows

Single and double slider windows operate horizontally, and are most likely used in wide window openings that are able to use a single window. As the names suggest, single sliders have one operable window sash, while double sliders’ both right and left sashes can operate. 3-lite sliders are typically used in openings too wide for a one slider window. [more]

Picture and Specialty Windows

Picture and special shaped windows are usually a single window, all one entire piece, that cannot operate and mainly provides a large, unobstructed view outside of the home. Older picture windows almost always used a single pane, sometimes using thin, weak glass. Modern versions are usually double-paned and made of non-heat conducting vinyl material. They may also be pieced together or made to form different viewable areas, designs, and shapes. [more]

Bay, Bow, and Garden Windows

Bay, Bow, and Garden windows are more specialized windows that are often composed of three or more windows in the case of bay and bow windows, and two side-ventilating openings with a recessed seatboard specifically for growing plants in the case of the garden windows. Bay windows are usually made up of three windows angled from the wall with the center window being larger than the sides. Bow windows are usually 3 to 6 windows also angled from the wall, but usually at a steeper angle, giving more of a curved look and feel. [more]

Casement and Awning Windows

Casement and awning windows are one or more pieces that are able to operate by use of a foldable handle, opening the window outward by the aid of hinges. They may also be peiced together with other windows, such as picture windows, to form more complex and decorative designs. [more]

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Our sliding glass patio doors are always energy-efficient and second to none. The modern look, ease of operation, and quality of craftsmanship all combine to make these doors an incomparable focal point to a home, or room. They are available with many different hardware options, as well as 2, 3, and 4 panel configurations. [more]

Door Installation Services

We provide professional exterior door installation services that are guaranteed to be less than major home improvement stores. Prices vary by size and type of door. Please contact us for more details.